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Why we chose Vacationer Caravans

When buying a caravan, we all have our wish lists.  That piece of paper that continues to get added to each time you see something cool online or at a caravan show.  The list seems to get longer and longer, then shorter and shorter as you realise what you think you really need doesn’t match what you kinda want.  You can go around in circles.  We are spoilt with so much choice 


Handover Day

The day we picked up our Vacationer Caravans Rough Rider 226C was one of the happiest days for our family.

Like every other Australian, COVID threw a massive spanner in our planned adventures for 2020 and after being stuck in lockdown, we could not wait to collect our new caravan and plan some fun for the future and camp in our backyard!

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How Much Dust Got In Our Caravan?

Over 10,000km in outback & far north Queensland with our Vacationer Caravans Rough Rider.

One of the questions we got asked daily was HOW MUCH DUST GOT IN YOUR VAN?…and How did you prepare your van for the dirt roads?

When we returned, we shot this little clip to show you exactly how much dust got in!


image of dakar caravan


For the ultimate off-road experience, the Dakar has been designed with the most features of our fleet to give you the highest level of comfort while you traverse the Australian outback.

Rough rider vacationer caravan model

Rough Rider

A luxury off-road vehicle designed with the highest level of comfort – no wonder it is a fan favourite amongst the fleet. The Rough Rider is capable both on and off the beaten track.


Vacationer are excited to welcome to the fleet the Talon. With an aluminium frame, the Talon is designed to get you where you need to go in comfort and style.

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Travel Australia with your family in absolute style and comfort with the Leonora. Designed and built to the highest standards.